About Rows

Add and Edit Rows

To add a new row, click on the + sign at the bottom of your screen:

Right-click on any row to reveal the row menu: 

Depending on your permissions on the table, from this menu, you can see all or some of the following:

  • Copy the selected data, with or without Column headers
  • Switch to Form View on the selected row
  • Insert a row
  • Delete the row
  • Duplicate the row
  • Create a Range Chart
When a row is duplicated, all its content is copied except Comments and Vote columns. These columns are reset during the duplication.

Multi-row Actions

Select one or more rows by clicking on the checkbox to the left of each row. As soon as one row is selected, the table toolbar changes and offers actions that apply to selected row(s).

This lets you Duplicate rows (in the same table), Assign them to someone else, Delete it, run RowMerge jobs, Transfer the rows to another table or Notify the Row Owners.

The permissions you have on the selected rows affect which actions are available in this toolbar.

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