How to transfer rows between your RowShare tables?

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You can copy or move rows from a table to another with our row Transfer feature. It's really simple to use. Just ensure that both tables have the same structure.

It can be very useful to archive some rows from a table to an archive table. That way, your main table is not crowded by old rows, and you can define different permissions for the archive table.

First, ensure your tables are ready for the Transfer

In order to copy or move rows across tables, you need to ensure that the tables have the same structure. Here is the comprehensive list of what is needed to ensure the Transfer runs well:

  • Both tables need to have:
    • Same number of columns
    • Same column names
    • Same column types
    • Same table culture (available in table settings)
  • Destination table should not have the "Only one row per user" option
  • You need to be admin of the source table
  • You obviously need write permissions in the Destination table

If this is not the case, RowShare will let you know and will not perform the Transfer.

To create an empty table that has exactly the same structure as one of your tables, click on Copy/Move above the table, and select "Create an empty table with the same columns"

Then, perform the actual Transfer

It couldn't be easier:

  1. Select one, several, or all rows
  2. Click on Transfer on the blue toolbar that shows as soon as you select rows
  1. Select the table you want to send the rows to
  2. Decide if you want to copy or move the rows, click on your preferred option

That's it!

If you copy rows, they obviously will remain in your first table after the operation, whereas if you move the rows, they will not be available in your first table after the operation.

The new rows will have the same owner, creator, modifier, created date and modified date as the original row.
Email notifications will NOT be sent about the new rows creation.

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