How do I view the modification history of my RowShare tables?

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RowShare table Change Log lets you track precisely the changes brought to a table over time.

This feature can only be used by subscription admins, and requires a RowShare Corporate subscription or higher.

Enable Change Log

Change Log (Auditing) is enabled at the table level. To enable it on a given table, follow these simple steps:

  1. Head to the table settings
  1. Scroll down to Enable Change Log

Display RowShare Change Log

Once enabled, the Change Log can be found in the table menu.

It is downloaded as a CSV file listing all the changes that happened to the table, as well as its author and timestamp.

When you enable this feature on a given table, you get one week of history retroactively. Subsequently, the data is kept accordingly to your RowShare plan (as of today: 1 month for Corporate customers and 1 year for Enterprise customers).

If you need to keep the change log longer, contact us, this can be customized.

The Change Log includes changes on:

  • The table itself
    • Creation and Deletion
    • Permissions change
    • Admin change
  • Columns
    • New column created
    • Column deleted
    • Column Permissions change
    • Column renamed
  • Rows
    • New row created (with the content of the row)
    • Deletion and undeletion
    • Change (with the former and new value of each modified cell)
    • Transfer to another table
    • Assignation to another row owner
    • Archiving and Unarchiving
Bulk actions such as row transfer, changes done through Excel or table copy are logged in the Change Log, but without the detail of each celle value. The Change Log will list the number of cells, the user and the timestamp, but not the actual content.
This will be improved in the coming months.

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