RowShare Advanced Features

​How do I view the modification history of my RowShare tables?

RowShare table Change Log lets you track precisely the changes brought to a table over time. This feature can only be used by subscription admins, and requires a RowShare Corporate subscription or hi…

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How to integrate RowShare into your applications with Zapier?

What is Zapier? Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect RowShare with 1,000+ apps such as Slack, Gmail, Salesforce or Trello to automate tasks, create automated workflows and save time. You don’t…


How does the RowShare API work?

The main pillar of RowShare integration is its API (Application Programming Interface). Thanks to HTTP requests, this JSON API standardizes how you handle tables and content. All user actions on our…

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How to Archive Rows in RowShare tables?

Archived rows can only be accessed by table admins, and can not be modified by anyone, even table admins. This feature is only available to table admins, and it requires a RowShare Corporate subscrip…

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