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How to integrate RowShare into your applications with Zapier?

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a tool that allows you to connect RowShare with 1,000+ apps such as Slack, Gmail, Salesforce or Trello to automate tasks, create automated workflows and save time. You don’t need to be a developer, anyone can make a Zap!

Note that Zapier has free and paid plans. See Zapier pricing plan for more information.

How do Zapier and RowShare work together?

To integrate RowShare with another App, you need to decide what event in RowShare triggers what action in the other app. Or what event in the other app triggers what action in RowShare.

RowShare Trigger is either a Row that is added or a Row that is updated. For example, or you could add a new opportunity in Salesforce when a row in RowShare is marked as Approved.

RowShare Action consists in adding, modifying, assigning or finding a row in a RowShare table. For example, you could have a new row added in a RowShare table each time you receive an incoming email on your support mailbox.

Ready-to-use RowShare Zaps are available here:

How to use Zapier with RowShare?

You need a RowShare Corporate account, and a Zapier account (free or paid).

Zaps are created on Zapier web site, not on RowShare. To create your first RowShare Zap, you will need to log in to RowShare inside Zapier web site, so that Zapier can access your tables on your behalf. This is really safe.

After your first Zap

Once you have created your first Zaps, you can create multi-step Zaps that include additional conditions, or integrate 3 or more Apps together.

You can even use Zapier to automate actions between RowShare tables: if something is added in a RowShare table, add a row to another table.

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