How does RowShare's survey mode work?

What is RowShare Survey Mode?

RowShare Survey mode creates a Form that can be accessed by anyone, even without a RowShare account. When someone fills the form, a row is added to the corresponding table and you get a notification (unless you don't want to).

The Form is automatically created and each table column corresponds to a field in the form.

RowShare Survey Mode has several benefits over the more classical Table and Form views:

  • It lets users contribute to your tables without a RowShare account. You don't need to invite them, and they don't need to create an account.
  • It's free! You can have as many survey users as you want, regardless of the number of users in your subscription
  • It is anonymous: even if they use a RowShare account, their contributions to your table will remain anonymous

If you need to gather data anonymously, or if you can't afford to ask your users to create a RowShare account (even free), activate the survey mode for your table by clicking Survey in the Table Menu. By default, the Survey Mode is not activated to guarantee so that each row is owned by its creator.

Survey respondents can not change their answer anymore after hitting Save.

Activate Survey Mode for a Table

Click on Survey in the Table Menu to activate or deactivate RowShare survey mode for a table you own.

A window will open, letting you:

  • Activate or deactivate the survey mode,
  • Display the survey
  • Copy the link to the survey that you can then share with your contacts
Survey Mode functions regardless of your table permissions. If you activate Survey mode, respondents will be able to fill the survey even if the underlying table is set as read-only.

Here is an example of RowShare Survey form.

Of course, as the survey is anonymous, the rows created in your tables by the Survey mode do not have an owner. Their row owner initials show a spy to convey the idea that no one knows who created that row. Similarly, the Row Owner and Row Owner Email columns show [email protected]

You can use column settings to hide some columns. If they are hidden in table mode, they will be hidden as well in the Survey Mode.
Columns of type "Comments" can not be used in Survey Forms as they require a user name to input comments.

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