Introduction to RowMerge

RowMerge is an exclusive feature of RowShare that automatically creates documents from a table’s data and a document template.

This feature can be used, for example, to automate the creation of reports, invitation cards, letters, invoices, contracts, press reviews, etc.

You can generate unique documents from several of your table rows, or generate a document for each row in your table. This feature is available from any device, including your tablet or smartphone.

The supported template formats are:

  • Microsoft Word documents: .doc, docx and .rtf
  • Open Office or Office Open XML documents. Supported file extensions: .odt and .docx. Free tools such as WordPad or Open Office can create such documents.
  • RTF documents. Free tools such as WordPad or AbiWord can create such documents.
  • Any document of text type such as html, txt, xml, csv etc.

RowMerge can generate documents in the following file formats:

  • PDF
  • Open Office (.odt) documents
  • Office Open XML (.docx) documents
  • Microsoft Word (.doc) documents
  • Any text type document, corresponding to an input template of text type (txt, html, xml, csv etc)

Note the output format, chosen at generation time, is independent of the input format. You can author a template in ODT format and generate a PDF document. The default output format is PDF, except for the text type documents which keep the same format and encoding. If you use text document, keep in mind the UTF-8 encoding with BOM is the most stable. Some tables of the template catalog already contain document templates. Feel free to use them, modify them or create your own templates.

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