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Getting Started

A short video to kickstart your RowShare discovery.

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RowShare Tables

Learn everything you need to collaborate with RowShare tables: rows, views, settings, notifications, etc.

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Table Columns

Get to know each column type and how it behaves: dates, text, comments, attachments, reminders...

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Visualize your data

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Sharing and Confidentiality

RowShare offers innovative ways to share tables, rows, columns while guaranteeing upmost security.

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Subscription and Account Settings

From signup to account settings and notifications.

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RowMerge Document Generation

RowMerge automatically generates documents from your templates and your RowShare data.

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RowShare and Excel

Everything you need to know about how Microsoft Excel and RowShare complement each other.

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RowShare Advanced Features

Features available to our Corporate, Enterprise and Unlimited customers, such as Change Log, Permissions Audit, Zapier integration, Power BI integration, API...

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Legal and Policies

Contracts between you and us, Data retention policies, every detail you might want to hear about.

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