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Application date: March 1st 2015.

SoftFluent Software offer customers a service named RowShare to create and customize tables for all their daily needs and share them with other members of the RowShare community through a software application that can be used from different electronic devices connected to the Internet, including personal computers and mobile devices whose operating system supports the application.

Therefore, protection and privacy of your data is very important to us.

This Privacy Policy aims at informing you about the data collected or manipulated by RowShare, as well as usage of this data, beyond applicable laws.

What data does RowShare collect?

To implement the Service, RowShare collects and produces data of different nature:

  • Limited personal information transmitted by the user during the authentication process,
  • Data stored by the user: data created inside RowShare tables by users,
  • Usage data: access logs when using the site, its mobile variations and activity related to using features and notifications.

Usage that can be made from this data depends on its nature.

Personal information

User information

The user can fulfill some personal data to facilitate usage of the service and identify himself in the community. In particular, his email allows him to define a unique dedicated space that his is responsible for.

Moreover, to leverage some features, or subscribe to specific offerings, some additional data may be asked such as last name, first name, address, phone number (especially for the « Professional subscription »). For « Enterprise » versions, additional corporate information necessary to billing such as business name or legal numbers may be required.

SoftFluent will not communicate this information except:

  • If you explicitly allow us to do so,
  • In case of violation of the Terms of Use in a way that could violate an applicable law,
  • In case of legal obligation or by Court decision,
  • In case of a change in control of SoftFluent with the limits allowed by law.

Payment information

Payment data is not stored by RowShare and not even known by it.

In case the customer subscribes to a paid offering, it is achieved through PayPal whose privacy policy is available on its web site

Information from your contacts

As part of the service, you can propose to your contacts to access one or more of your tables and contribute to them. Therefore, RowShare will contact these contacts through email according to the addresses that you will have communicated.

In all cases, RowShare will use this email address only to allow your contacts to contribute to your table.

The same rule applies for recommendation mechanisms that allow users to promote RowShare to contacts.

Data stored by the user

When entering information inside RowShare tables, they are by default configured as public, which allows sharing and collaborative access.

However, RowShare allows you to limit access to this information to people you choose, especially in RowShare Business and RowShare Enterprise where access is controlled through the definition of « User Groups ».

SoftFluent Software will not browse the Data you stored on its infrastructure unless in the specific following cases:

  • If you request assistance in a way that requires accessing your Data ;
  • To ensure the security of the service or the data of other users ;
  • When highly suspecting a violation of the Service Terms of Use to check the legality of Content ;
  • In case of legal obligation or by Court decision.

Additionally, SoftFluent Software may have access to your data for maintenance operations of the Service but will not use this access to browse your Data.

Usage data

RowShare produces usage data when:

  • Browsing pages of the Site of the Service on the Internet, as well as using mobile applications of the service,
  • During particular operations that are logged to understand users’ behavior, especially when creating, editing or sharing tables,
  • Activating notifications as defined by the user, a feature that allows email sending to warn when modifications are made on a table or its data.

This data can be sent to third-parties for statistical analysis, to improve usage of the Service in its different variations and bring the user the best added-value.

As of today, software used to consolidate this statistical data are Google Analytics and MixPanel.

Their privacy policies are available respectively on and

Data security

Security of your Data is a priority for SoftFluent Software that is committed to implement up-to-date mechanisms to ensure the security of your data stored on its cloud infrastructure.

However, SoftFluent Software cannot guarantee full and entire security when being transmitted on the Internet whose not, by definition, under control of SoftFluent.

This is why it is not recommended to use RowShare to store highly confidential data whose release could damage a business or a personal account (payment information for example).

Rights on my data

You can access your Data at any time, or ask for deletion or modification by posting a request on

Applicable law

This Privacy Policy is governed by the law of France.

In case of any dispute, a friendly solution should be considered first before taking any legal action.

In case of failure in finding a friendly agreement, any legal complaint related to this Privacy Policy should be made under the jurisdiction of Paris, France.

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