Terms of Use

Application date: March 1st 2015.

SoftFluent SAS (hereafter « SoftFluent ») offer customers a service to create and customize tables for all their daily needs and share them with other members of the RowShare community through a software application that can be used from different electronic devices connected to the Internet, including personal computers and mobile devices whose operating system supports the application (hereafter the « Service »).

BY ACCESSING THE ROWSHARE SERVICE, CUSTOMERS ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING TERMS OF USE here after (« Terms of Use »)and must comply with the rules mentioned on the Internet web site http://www.rowshare.com published by SoftFluent.

SoftFluent is a French corporation with a capital of 300,000 Euros, registered in NANTERRE under number B481932697 (VAT FR 08 481932697), with principal offices located 5 rue de la renaissance, 92160 Antony. SoftFluent is represented by its president, Daniel Cohen-Zardi.RowShare site is hosted by Microsoft in its Western Europe Azure datacenters. For more information: http://www.windowsazure.com/fr-fr/support/trust-center/privacy/.Contact : [email protected], +33 1 75 60 04 45

These Terms of Use define the conditions that apply to customers (as defined below, either enterprise or individual) when using the Service and subscribing to its different versions.

Article 1. Definitions

The following terms used in the Terms of Use need to be understood as defined below:

  • « Cloud » refers to the server infrastructure set up by SoftFluent on the Internet to store data as well as the Internet web site for the application.
  • « Content » refers to any kind of data or document (including text, pictures, videos, sounds, …) that the Customer will store using the Service.
  • « Customers » refers to any individual or company that have accepted the Terms of Use by using the Service or subscribing to it.
  • « Data » refers to any kind of data or document communicated by the Customer including any personal data.
  • « Price » refers to the defined fee associated with a certain level of subscription, potentially including access to certain features for a defined duration, depending on the option chosen by the customer.
  • « Site » refers to the Internet web site published by SoftFluent.
  • « Software » or « SoftFluent Software » refers to any SoftFluent Software required to benefit from the Service.
  • « Subscription » refers to the registration process for a certain level of the Service by the Customer to benefit from this level of Service on a regular basis.

Article 2. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms of Use is the RowShare Service proposed by SoftFluent and used by the Customer.

The Service is accessible from the Site http://www.rowshare.com.

Article 3. Service Description

The Service allow Customers to create data table in the Cloud for their needs, that they can then share with their contacts by making them available on the Internet through various devices. Contacts are notified by email that they can access a certain table and may be required to register to the Service to access the shared table if the Customer has set some access rights.

The Service includes SoftFluent Software in its installable formats as well as Internet Sites that SoftFluent make available through the Cloud.

Some features are available free of charge and the Customer can subscribe to paid offerings including additional features. Available offerings are described at http://www.rowshare.com/pricing.

Article 4. Registration to the service

The Customer that wishes to access the Service should communicate to SoftFluent an email address. This communication occurs using social network authentication protocols. This operation is directly integrated within the Site or the application downloaded from mobile application online sales platforms.

Communicating an email will allow SoftFluent to inform the Customer for an optimal usage of the Service. SoftFluent uses this email to identify the user. It is the user’s responsibility to correctly protect the password he uses to connect to the considered social network.

The Customer must have an access to the Internet network to use the Service. SoftFluent cannot be held liable for any malfunctioning of the Internet network. As well, it is the Customer’s responsibility to purchase the devices used to access the Software and ensure they work properly.

When subscribing to a paid offering, the Customer Client should communicate his payment information to the third-party payment service used to subscribe (PayPal or Application Store for mobile platforms as an example). SoftFluent does not have access to the Customer’s payment information.

Article 5. Duration

The free version of the Service for individuals is not limited in time, though there is no commitment from SoftFluent to maintain the Service in the future. For paid subscriptions, the Customer subscribes for a certain duration depending on the offering, usually one (1) year, though it exists some monthly offerings. These offerings are automatically renewed. The Customer can disable this automatic renewal, in which case the subscription will automatically end after the duration paid for.

Article 6. Price

Using the Service in its paid versions requires payment of a fee as defined in the Price List available at the day of subscription by the Customer or at the date of renewal.

Moreover, the Customer can buy options (such as additional storage space for example) directly from the Site or from mobile application sales platforms to enhance his usage of the Service.

Any change in the Price List will be considered as a change in these terms and will be notified through the Internet Site of the Service. Active Subscriptions will not be impacted by a change in price that will apply for active subscriptions only when a renewal occurs.

Additionally, the Customer recognizes that he cannot ask for any reimbursement of his subscription as access to the Service is immediate.

The Customer is informed that when using the Service for free, its usage of the Service may include promotional content and advertisement.

Article 7. Data protection

Protection of your data is a priority for SoftFluent as part of the RowShare Service.

The privacy policy is detailed and available at http://www.rowshare.com/privacypolicy.

However, it is not recommended to use RowShare to store highly confidential data whose access could cause serious damages such as passwords, credit card numbers, professional business secrets or classified information.

Article 8. Modification of these terms

SoftFluent may change the present Terms of Use when maintaining the level of features for the Service that will, by nature, evolve. When changing those terms, the Customer will be informed by SoftFluent one (1) month before application of modifications through publication of a change on the Internet Site of the Service.

In situations related to respecting legal obligations, modifications will apply immediately.

By continuing to use the Service more than ten (10) days after application of the modifications, it will be considered that the Customer has accepted the modifications.

If not, the Customer is free to refuse the modifications and close his subscriptions while requesting reimbursement of its subscription fee for the proportion of the remaining period.

Considering free subscription, the Customer cannot ask for any reimbursement.

Article 9. Service suspension

SoftFluent is authorized to suspend access to the Service without any delay or indemnification in the following cases:

  • SoftFluent is informed of an access or usage of the Service which is either abusive, fraudulent or unauthorized ;
  • The Customer uses the Service in a way that can damage SoftFluent or third-parties.

Article 10. Termination and Refund

As soon as the Service is suspended, SoftFluent may terminate those terms, without any indemnification, after a legal letter or email sent to the Customer that was not answered to after eight (8) days.

The Customer can also terminate the contract. There are no cancellation fees.

If you cancel within 7 days after your signup, you can ask for a full refund.If you cancel later though, you will not be refunded and any scheduled and committed payments will still be due, except if this termination is the direct consequence of a change in these terms.

As soon as a subscription is terminated, the data will be possibly deleted from the servers by SoftFluent.

Article 11. Property

Of Content

11.1 The Customer of the Service remains owner of his content that he stores on the Service. The Customer keep full intellectual property rights on his Content stored and remains responsible for it as he asks other contributors to fill data inside his tables.

11.2 To optimize operations for the Service by SoftFluent, the Customer grants a free license to SoftFluent to allow display and execution of the Content within the boundaries of what is necessary to operate the Service on any known connected device during applicability of the Terms of Use. To ensure this, SoftFluent is authorized by the Customer to reproduce the Content if technical modifications are require to allow access to the above mentioned Content on any kind of Internet connected device.

11.3 This license is granted for any geography and during the whole Subscription duration until termination of the applicable period depending on the offering.

11.4 The Customer guarantees to SoftFluent that we are the owner of all property rights on the Content or that he has the necessary rights to use it when he stores it through the Service.

11.5 SoftFluent remains owner of all intellectual property rights on the Content that comes with the Service and the attached Software.

11.6 Any text, comment, icon, drawing, picture, video, visual or sound element, available on the Site and not owned by Customers are fully copyrighted by SoftFluent including author rights, brand rights, drawing rights and patent rights, for the whole world to SoftFluent’s benefit. Any partial or complete reproduction of the Site is strictly forbidden as a counterfeit.

Of Service

11.7 SoftFluent is the owner of all rights related to the Service including, without any limitation, software that allows operation of the Service hosted on SoftFluent cloud infrastructure.

11.8 SoftFluent grants a non-exclusive license for use of the Service for one (1) renewable year at request of the Customer against payment of a fee according to the Price List. In case a free version of the Service is subscribed, SoftFluent grants a non-exclusive license for use of the Service during use of the Service by the Customer.

To allow the Customer to optimize usage of the Service, SoftFluent also grants a non-exclusive free personal non-transferable license available worldwide to use the Software of SoftFluent related to the Service.

11.9 SoftFluent may use third-party software to implement the Service. In this cas, SoftFluent guarantees to have the rights to operate this software.

Article 12. Service and software update

SoftFluent wished to propose an optimal Service to its Customers. Therefore, SoftFluent will substantially modify the Service from time to time, and this may temporarily affect operations. In the process, SoftFluent will update the software on Customers’ devices to improve, strengthen, repair or enhance the Service without this list being limitative. When not accepting this, Customer access to the Service might be suspended, provided that the Service does not strictly require usage of this software as it is accessible through an Internet browser.

Article 13. Responsibility

SoftFluent cannot be held responsible for any damage for the Customer as an impact of a malfunction. This includes loss of operations or information resulting from a malfunctions, interruption of services, delays or Internet outages.

SoftFluent’s responsibility towards the Customer can be considered only for established facts that are directly and exclusively attributed to SoftFluent.

SoftFluent’s responsibility cannot be attributed to SoftFluent in case of a bad usage of the Service by the Customer.

SoftFluent cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages resulting from unauthorized access to information or loss of Customer data, or its lack of caution in protecting its access (that can be ensured by the password of a social network).

The Customer is fully responsible for access he authorizes through his account and thus for usage of the Content by third-parties in case he shares his access. He is responsible for avoiding storage of highly sensitive data on the Service.

The Customer will indemnify SoftFluent for claims, liabilities, damages, loss and charges from third-parties that would be the consequence of using the Service by the Customer.

Article 14. Hosting responsibility

SoftFluent is not legally responsible Content forwarded or stored through the Site. However, acting as a data hosting company, SoftFluent has obligations related to (i) protection against some specific content (apology for the crime against humanity, incitement to ethnic hatred, child pornography, encouragement of violence, offense to human dignity) ; (ii) tracking of data connection of Customers, under professional secret and respecting legal obligations and (iii) withdrawal of any obviously illegal content, as soon as SoftFluent is informed of it.

Article 15. Complaints

15.1 SoftFluent is committed to respecting intellectual property rights of all Customers as well as third-parties that could complaint from a violation of their rights.

As a consequence, SoftFluent commits to answer any complaint related to intellectual property right violation that would be communicated to SoftFluent.

However, SoftFluent cannot take direct legal action to ensure intellectual property rights of any third parties. These third-parties are responsible for the opportunity to start a legal action.

15.2 Customers of the Service who would meet issues are invited to submit them to SoftFluent using the dedicated form available on the Site. SoftFluent will as much as possible answer all complaints within a short delay.

Article 16. Applicable law

These Terms of Use are governed by the law of France.

In case of any dispute, a friendly solution should be considered first before taking any legal action.

In case of failure in finding a friendly agreement, any legal complaint related to these Terms of Use should be made under the jurisdiction of Paris, France.

Article 17. Miscellaneous

These Terms of Use are divisible. In the case of one element being considered invalid or inapplicable by a relevant jurisdiction, other articles would remain fully valid.

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