Table Columns

How to create, modify and hide your RowShare columns?

Only table admins can add, configure or remove columns. Adding a column is very easy: just click on the + icon at the right of the column headers: Column Menu. If you click on the three dots on the h…

Antoine Driard
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What are the different types of RowShare columns?

Each column in your table has a type. It means that it is intended to receive a specific type of information. Column types allow you to store data according to your usage or scenario. What's more, da…

Antoine Driard
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How to use Formulas in your RowShare tables?

RowShare calculated columns are formulas based on the value of the other cells of the same row. Add a "Calculated value" column and specify the formula in this column’s settings. Yes, this means that…

Antoine Driard
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How to configure your RowShare columns?

These options depend on the type of column and therefore are not always available. For example, very few options apply to automatic columns. To access a the options of a column, click on the 3 dots i…

Maud Chiva-Rampazzo
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Creating a link between the rows of two tables

The idea. RowShare lets you create links between tables, and more precisely between the rows of a table and those of another table. For example, you can imagine links between orders and customers, ap…

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