Columns Basics

Only table owner(s) can add, configure, remove or rearrange columns.

Adding a column is very easy; just click on the + icon between two columns or on the top right of the table:

Column Menu

If you click on the gear icon on the header of any column, the column menu offers options to delete the column, empty its values, move it, apply a filter or sort the rows:

The Clear column values function is not available on mandatory or automatic columns.
Most other options only appear if you own the table.

Hide and Freeze Columns

Tables with many columns might be easier to use if you hide or freeze columns with the Columns menu located in the table toolbar.

Hide Columns

Click on the eye icon next to a column name to hide that column. Click again to bring it back. Hidden columns are hidden only for you, as long as you keep using the same browser and the same computer.

Hiding a column has no effect on its permissions.

Click on Show all columns to reset the view and show again all hidden columns.

Freeze Columns

By default, RowShare tables have their first columns frozen (except on smallest screens). It means that if you scroll to the right to see more columns, the first one stays visible.

Click on the pin icon next to a column name to freeze this column and all the ones to its left: they won't move when you scroll to the right.

To revert to the default behavior with only one frozen column, click on the pin to the right of the first column name.

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