How to get started with RowShare?

Antoine Driard Updated by Antoine Driard

RowShare offers 3 ways to create tables to share with your co-workers: from scratch, from our templates catalog or from an existing Excel file. Of course, you can also copy any RowShare table you like.

RowShare is all about collecting data from multiple people. RowShare strength lies on the fact that you can choose if other users will see only their rows or the whole table.

While your data is being entered, or once it's done, you can visualize it to make informed decisions.

RowShare can improve your productivity in many fields of interest: marketing, sales, finance, project management, human resources, etc. In the video above, we chose a project management example to illustrate RowShare sharing features.

Once your table is created and before sharing it to your audience, you might want to add, delete or hide columns. Consider setting specific rights: mandatory columns, limit users to add one row only, allow users to add comments to your table.

Here is a short overview of our key features:

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