Edit a RowShare Table in Microsoft Access

RowShare provides a synchronization feature for Microsoft Access. Open the SharePoint List menu in the Import & Links group of the External Data tab in Microsoft Access.

A similar feature lets you synchronize Microsoft Excel with RowShare.

On the following screen, simply insert the address https://my.rowshare.com as a SharePoint site:

Microsoft Access will then ask you to log in to your RowShare account to access all your tables.

Once logged in, you will be able to modify your tables within Access. Synchronization is then guaranteed: any changes will be automatically sent to RowShare.

Only Access 2013 or higher will support this two-way synchronization feature.

Special Columns

Each RowShare table synchronized with Microsoft Excel or Access has two additional columns: Id and Index. These are non-editable technical columns to identify rows during the synchronization process.

You can hide them in Excel or Access, but you can’t delete them. The synchronization process would no longer work if these two columns were deleted.

Despite the menu labels in Excel and Access, synchronization does not use Microsoft SharePoint® technology.

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