How is RowShare different from Google Sheets or Excel Online?

Great question! RowShare is a collaborative table and not exactly a spreadsheet. What is the difference?

Amongst the differences (focusing on the positive ones), I could list:

  • RowShare ability to handle pictures and other file attachments. This is probably our #1 feature compared to google that vaguely accepts pictures and not attachments (although they let you include links to files). There are countless situations where one wants to include a scan, a picture, a contract with the listed information.
  • Another big difference is what we call Automatic Access Rights. It’s actually a much better differentiator, but slightly harder to grasp. In RowShare, each row is owned by someone: initially the person who added the row to the table, and then it can be assigned to someone else. Based on that, each table has automatic rights (= without assigning rights to people one by one). You can decide if everyone will see the whole table or only “their rows”, and similarly if they will be able to edit other people’s rows, or only theirs. Add to that an optional hierarchical view: you can see your rows and the ones of your team, without setting any cumbersome rights row by row (in RowShare Business).
  • There is also a security mechanism on columns to let you hide or make columns read-only to others
  • Each user can decide to receive notifications when their favorite tables are modified
  • You can comment rows with Comment columns
  • We do not offer a virtually infinite spreadsheet of cells where you can enter anything: as you have to add columns and choose their “information type”, you will strongly encourage / force your collaborators to enter proper data where you expect it. Similarly, it’s easy to make columns read only, unique, hidden…
  • RowMerge generates custom documents from your own templates and your table data to create custom contracts, printouts...
  • and much more...

Our goal is not to get better than Google Sheets or Excel as a spreadsheet but to add more collaborative features.

Click here for an overview of the features.

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