Import from Microsoft Excel to an existing RowShare Table

This feature lets you add rows in batch from Excel. You will first download an Excel file with the column headers, then add your data, and then send it back to RowShare that will add the rows to your table.

From any table where you have the permission to add rows, click on Excel above the table, then click on Import File.

  1. Download the file to fill

Download the file. It only has column headers. Fill all necessary data. Keep in mind that mandatory columns have to be filled for all rows, and all other constraints that might apply to your table also apply to the data imported from Excel.

Of course, you can copy/paste from another spreadsheet or program.

Once ready, save your file on your computer, and close Excel.

  1. Return the file once completed

Then, Upload back the file to RowShare with the second button. If your file has any error, we will let you know.

If it is ok, the additional rows will be added in a matter of seconds.

The free version of RowShare goes up to 1,000 rows.
RowShare paid plans include 5,000 rows by default and can be upgraded on demand.

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