Share your RowShare tables in Microsoft Teams

If you love both RowShare and Microsoft Teams, you can use both together!

It means that your RowShare tables can be seen and modified within Microsoft Teams!

Of course, your co-workers need to be in the same Channel AND need to have access to your RowShare table.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. On RowShare web site:
    1. If you don't already have one, create a RowShare table, customize it to match your requirements.
    2. Share that table with your team. They need RowShare accounts.
  2. In Microsoft Teams
    1. Head to the chat or channel where you want to add a RowShare table
    2. Click on + to add a new tab (see picture below)
    3. Search for RowShare, select it, and click Add in the following screen.
    4. Connect Microsoft Teams to RowShare if you never did it before. Stay with us while the connexion happens. It might take a few seconds.
    5. Select the table you want to share, and that's it. Your Teams chat/channel now has a new tab with your RowShare table.

The other users of your Teams channel who have permissions on your RowShare table can now see and/or modify it in Microsoft Teams.

When accessing RowShare from Microsoft Teams, you will be connected to RowShare with your Microsoft email address.
Make sure that you access RowShare web site with the same email address.

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