RowMerge Document Templates

Create a RowMerge Template

A RowMerge  template is a document that contains placeholders for your table data.

To insert the value of one cell of the current row into the final document you must use a specific syntax (called the ‘mustache syntax’) such as {{name_of_the_column}}. Can you see the mustache below?

Here is a first simplified example of a template creation. Let's take a sample table with a staff list:

If you want to generate business cards for all the employees in this table, all you need to do is create a new template document and use the syntax {{name_of_the_column}}:

Save your document. Congratulations! You've successfully created your first RowMerge document template. When running a RowMerge job, this template will replace {{First name}} and {{Last name}} by each employee first and last name.

You need to reference the exact column names, including capitalization, spaces...
Do not use special characters in your column names if you need to reference it in RowMerge: apostrophe, comma, semicolons, brackets, square brackets...

All you need now is to upload your template to your RowShare table and run the RowMerge job.

Upload a RowMerge template to a Table

You can add one or several RowMerge templates to each RowShare table. To manage these templates, click on the “RowMerge” button above your table:

Click on Upload a new RowMerge document template and pick your document template. If you wish to start from an existing one, chose it in the template list, download it, modify it on your computer, and upload it back to RowShare.

That's it. Anyone accessing your RowShare table is now able to run RowMerge jobs using this template and the rows he or she has access to.

If you want to include advanced statements in your RowMerge templates, visit Advanced RowMerge Document Templates.

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