What are my options for logging into my RowShare account?

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Your RowShare account is identified by your email address. You can't change it.

But you can access the same account either by entering your email and a RowShare-specific password or by using our Google or Microsoft login. As long as the email address is the same, you can login the way you want, you will always end up connected under the same account, the one identified by your email address.

Facebook login is being discontinued. To continue accessing your RowShare account, you need to request a RowShare password following the procedure below.
From January 2021, Microsoft Excel does not accept Google login anymore. If you login to RowShare with Google and use our Excel Sync feature, you need to request a RowShare password following the procedure below. (Google login will continue to work for anything else than Excel).

If you started using RowShare with a 3rd party login (Microsoft or Google) and later need to authenticate with a native RowShare login/password, here is the procedure:

  1. Go to my.rowshare.com/ResetPasswordRequest, enter your email (the one already used in RowShare through Google or Microsoft login)
  1. Check your email inbox, click on our email, and choose a new password!

That's it. You can now login to RowShare either with your Google/Microsoft account or by typing your email and your RowShare password. Both connect you to the same RowShare account.

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