How to manage your subscription?

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From your RowShare Subscription Settings page, you can access several buttons at the bottom left to manage your subscription status, invoicing and payment.

Depending on the status of your subscription, you might see all or some of the following options:

  • Change your payment method
  • Confirm your subscription (if you are in trial)
  • Cancel your subscription
  • Download your invoices
  • Upgrade/Downgrade your subscription to change plan

Inactive RowShare subscriptions

Your subscription could be deactivated for the following reasons:

  • No active plan
  • Payment more than 5 days late

When your subscription is deactivated, you no longer have access to your tables and folders, but your data will be retained for a period of three months.

You still have access to your RowShare subscription Settings to change your plan or update payment details. If you do not know why your organization has been deactivated, please contact our support team.

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