Creating a RowShare account is free and only takes a few seconds.

  1. Go to and click on the Sign up button at the top right, or go directly to
  2. You can sign up to RowShare using an existing Google or Microsoft account, or you can create a RowShare account just with your email address.
  3. If you sign up with Google or Microsoft, you need to agree that RowShare will access your email and name. We do not need anything else. If you agree, your account is set up!
  4. If you sign up just with your email, tell us your First and Last Names, choose a password and you're done. You can start using RowShare right away. Keep in mind that you need to finalize your account within 48 hours by clicking on the link we sent you by email.

Your Rowshare account is created. During 30 days you have a full access to RowShare. After 30 days, you can either continue to a paid plan or downgrade to our free plan.

Supported Microsoft accounts include Microsoft Account (formerly known as Live), Office 365 accounts and Azure AD accounts.
RowShare used to support Facebook, Yahoo and LinkedIn login as well. Due to very low usage, these options are no longer available. If you have such an account, go to the login page, click on Forgot Password, enter your Facebook, Yahoo or LinkedIn email, and choose a new password. You will access the same account using a standard RowShare login.

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