Specific Access Rights (RowShare Business)

At the bottom of the Share page of each table, you will find an Specific Access Rights section. This section presents options available to RowShare Business tables.

One Row per User

You can limit each user to creating only one row. This does not apply to table owner(s) who are always free to add more rows.

External Access

By default, in RowShare Business, your tables are secured: only members of your subscription can access it.

If you need to open your table to users outside of your RowShare Business subscription, enable this option. External users can only have read-only access to RowShare Business tables.

This option is available only if your RowShare Business admin has allowed it in your subscription settings.

Specific Access Rights

While we believe that Automatic Access Rights are very powerful and enable many scenarios without the hassle of maintaining access rights user by user or row by row, we also realize that it is sometimes useful to give access rights to one or several users only.

 Read-Only Users will never be allowed to edit a table, regardless of the access rights you set.

Table owners

RowShare Business tables can have as many owners as needed. Click here for more information about table owners.

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